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FLEXIFIT (LENDER) BANK HAPOALIM, B.M. 1177 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS NEW YORK NY 10036 women's and girls' bras, panties and nightgowns; men's and boys' underwear, briefs, boxers and pajamas;FLEXIBLE FIT;
GORGEOUS DELTA GALIL USA INC. 1 Harmon Plaza, 5th Floor Secaucus NJ 07094 women's and girls' bras and panties;
UNDERWORLD Playgirl Foundations Inc. 210 Hanse Ave. Freeport NY 11520 Women's and Girls' Bras, Panties, Foundations, Underwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, and Robes; Men's and Boys' Underwear, Girdles, Sleepwear, Swimwear, and Robes;

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Technical Examples
  1. A method of and system for buying or selling bras involves establishing a database of bras containing bra characteristic data including bra size and bra cup size measured from a sample of actual bras; measuring a wearer's breast and torso size to obtain wearer characteristic data; searching the database to find bra characteristic data within the database matching the wearer characteristic data; and listing for selection by the wearer any bras in the database whose characteristics match the wearer characteristic data.