Combination shoe horn and sock donning and doffing apparatus

Patent Number: 9386875

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

Disclosed is a combination shoe horn and sock donning and doffing apparatus. The device includes an elongated rod that is composed of anodized aluminum so that it is lightweight and resistant to breaking. The rod includes a sock hook attached to a first end and a shoe horn attached to a second end. The sock hook is generally U-shaped and includes two terminal ends with a rubber tip. The shoe horn is oval shaped and has a curvature so as to follow substantially the contour of the back of a shoe. The rod also includes handle portions with a non-slip padding thereon. The device enables a user to don or remove footwear without bending over. In this way, the present invention is ideal for use by users who have limited mobility and cannot bend at the waist or the knees.


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