Welcome to the Brand page for “COCOMI”, which is offered here for Barrettes; artificial flower arrangements; artificial flowers of plastics; artificial flowers of textile; beads, other than for making jewellery; bows for the hair; corset busks; edgings for clothing; hair bands; hair bows; hat trimmings; rubber bands for hair; safety pins; silk flowers; toupee tape for affixing a toupee to the head;.

Its status is currently believed to be active. Its class is unavailable. “COCOMI” is believed to be currently owned by “XIE, YUHONG”.

Owner Details
Barrettes; Artificial flower arrangements; Artificial flowers of plastics; Artificial flowers of textile; Beads, other than for making jewellery; Bows for the hair; Corset busks; Edgings for clothing; Hair bands; Hair bows; Hat trimmings; Rubber bands for hair; Safety pins; Silk flowers; Toupee tape for affixing a toupee to the head;
Categories: BARRETTES