Device and method to avert anal fecal leakage

Patent Number: 9387129

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A device and method to avert anal fecal leakage is disclosed that possess at least two means for the prevention of anal leakage or hemostatic application. The device is inserted internally and is used inside of the rectal cavity for absorption along with a sealing member placed externally against the anus which is designed as a secondary means for the prevention of leakage. An embodiment of the device includes a third sealing means to prevent leakage into the anal canal. The device is constructed to be flexible with a minimum of intrusiveness for the user during use. The device is constructed for one person insertion and removal unless patient or user is incapacitated. Due to its design, the device is capable for use over a wide range of human and certain animal applications.


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