Device for adapting a food capsule into a capsule holder

Patent Number: 9386876

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

An adapting device for adapting a capsule into the capsule holder of a food machine when the capsule or pod is smaller than capsules or pods originally designed for insertion into the capsule holder is provided. The machine includes a fluid injection element for circulating a fluid through the capsule to a discharge opening, the capsule including a body enclosing a food ingredient to be dissolved and/or extracted so as to produce a food product, and further including circumferential edges. The device includes a holding portion for holding at least a portion of the capsule, and a sealer for circumferentially adapting to the capsule holder and/or to the fluid injection element, and/or to the capsule outside surface, in a leak-tight manner so that the fluid flow is directed solely from the fluid injection element through the capsule, to a discharge opening.


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