Dishwasher and method

Patent Number: 9386902

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A personal dishwasher washes and dries a dish that is manually or mechanically moved through a dishwasher chamber or is manually placed in and manually removed from the chamber. Pressurized water, possibly containing soap, wetting agent, etc., may be added to the wash water. Steam may be used to for cleaning and/or disinfecting. Ultraviolet light may be used for disinfecting. The dishwasher chamber may be enlarged to pass larger dishes, bowls, glassware, etc. for washing. A method of washing dishes, comprising inserting a dish manually into a dishwasher, passing the dish through the dishwasher, and withdrawing the dish. A method of washing a dish, comprising inserting a single dish into a dishwasher, directing fluid under pressure at the dish, directing air flow at the dish, and withdrawing the dish.


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