Dust pan with closure

Patent Number: 9386901

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A hollow dust pan has a bottom wall, two opposed upstanding side walls, an upstanding rear wall, a top wall, an open front, and a movable lid cover over said open front. A handle is attached to the top wall adjacent the open front to extend rearwardly adjacent to and spaced apart from the top wall. A lid cover has a hinge member rotatably attached to the handle to position a peripheral edge of the lid cover at a front peripheral edge of the open front. A lever with a pivot pin is rotatably attached to the handle and the lever has a lever arm member rotatably engaged at a lower end with the hinge member. A strip spring is attached at a lever handle member of the lever to urge the hinge member to position the lid cover in a closed position.


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