Welcome to the Brand page for “E”, which is offered here for The mark comprises a design constituting a stylized capital e.;[ electrically operated apparatus for cleaning and polishing floors and furniture and for shampooing floor coverings and furniture, all being for domestic use; electrically or pneumatically operated robots for control of manual operations and incorporating means of performing repetitive tasks, data, accounting, bookkeeping and invoicing apparatus and machines, tapes for use with data processing apparatus and installations; electrical apparatus and instruments for indicating and recording, tape punches, tape readers, flexible disc drives and cassette tape decks; calculating machines, voice recording machines; electronic apparatus for the recording of flexible working hours; alphanumeric or numeric printers, keyboard units and power supplies for use with data processing apparatus and installations ];[ machines for cleaning floors (( and furniture, )) polishing machines, (( scouring machines )) and carpet washers, none bing for domestic use; (( grinding machines; washing machines and diswashing machines; spin-dryers and tumbler dryers; mangles, ironing machines; food mixers; installations for washing motor cars; motors for vacuum cleaners, sewing machines and for use to drive electrical automobile equipment; machines and conveyors for mechanical handling of materials; apparatus and devices for high pressure liquid cleaning (not for domestic use); machines for use in food catering industries-, potato peelers, vegetables shredders, slicers, bowl choppers, mincers and meat saws )) ];[ electric typewriters ];[ asphalt solvents used to remove asphalt from vehicles; cleaning, degreasing preparations for use in food and concrete industries, for agricultural use and for use in building, building materials, transport and agricultural products industries; degreasing preparations for general use; polishing wax for floors, chemical rust removing preparations; wax for automobiles ];[ chemical rust preservatives ];[ chemical products for use in the treatment of water and industrial waste and gases, ph adjusting chemicals, flocculation agents and coagulation agents; preparations for desalting and deicing of vehicles; passivating and neutralizing preparations for use after cleaning of metal surfaces, aircraft, and for temporary protection of iron and steel parts thereof ];[ microwave ovens, (( drying cabinets, ventilators for boats and recreational vehicles, vacuum toilets; )) ] refrigerators and freezers; [ (( electric fans; ranges, ovens; coffee brewing aparatus; radiators; kitchen exhaust fans; purifying apparatus for the treatment of waste water )) ];.

Its status is currently believed to be active. Its class is unavailable. “E” is believed to be currently owned by “Aktiebolaget Electrolux”.

Owner Details
The mark comprises a design constituting a stylized capital E.;[ Electrically Operated Apparatus for Cleaning and Polishing Floors and Furniture and for Shampooing Floor Coverings and Furniture, All Being for Domestic Use; Electrically or Pneumatically Operated Robots for Control of Manual Operations and Incorporating Means of Performing Repetitive Tasks, Data, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Invoicing Apparatus and Machines, Tapes for Use with Data Processing Apparatus and Installations; Electrical Apparatus and Instruments for Indicating and Recording, Tape Punches, Tape Readers, Flexible Disc Drives and Cassette Tape Decks; Calculating Machines, Voice Recording Machines; Electronic Apparatus for the Recording of Flexible Working Hours; Alphanumeric or Numeric Printers, Keyboard Units and Power Supplies for Use with Data Processing Apparatus and Installations ];[ MACHINES FOR CLEANING FLOORS (( AND FURNITURE, )) POLISHING MACHINES, (( SCOURING MACHINES )) AND CARPET WASHERS, NONE BING FOR DOMESTIC USE; (( GRINDING MACHINES; WASHING MACHINES AND DISWASHING MACHINES; SPIN-DRYERS AND TUMBLER DRYERS; MANGLES, IRONING MACHINES; FOOD MIXERS; INSTALLATIONS FOR WASHING MOTOR CARS; MOTORS FOR VACUUM CLEANERS, SEWING MACHINES AND FOR USE TO DRIVE ELECTRICAL AUTOMOBILE EQUIPMENT; MACHINES AND CONVEYORS FOR MECHANICAL HANDLING OF MATERIALS; APPARATUS AND DEVICES FOR HIGH PRESSURE LIQUID CLEANING (NOT FOR DOMESTIC USE); MACHINES FOR USE IN FOOD CATERING INDUSTRIES-, POTATO PEELERS, VEGETABLES SHREDDERS, SLICERS, BOWL CHOPPERS, MINCERS AND MEAT SAWS )) ];[ Electric Typewriters ];[ Asphalt Solvents Used to Remove Asphalt from Vehicles; Cleaning, Degreasing Preparations for Use in Food and Concrete Industries, for Agricultural Use and for Use in Building, Building Materials, Transport and Agricultural Products Industries; Degreasing Preparations for General Use; Polishing Wax for Floors, Chemical Rust Removing Preparations; Wax for Automobiles ];[ Chemical Rust Preservatives ];[ Chemical Products for Use in the Treatment of Water and Industrial Waste and Gases, pH Adjusting Chemicals, Flocculation Agents and Coagulation Agents; Preparations for Desalting and Deicing of Vehicles; Passivating and Neutralizing Preparations for Use After Cleaning of Metal Surfaces, Aircraft, and for Temporary Protection of Iron and Steel Parts Thereof ];[ MICROWAVE OVENS, (( DRYING CABINETS, VENTILATORS FOR BOATS AND RECREATIONAL VEHICLES, VACUUM TOILETS; )) ] REFRIGERATORS AND FREEZERS; [ (( ELECTRIC FANS; RANGES, OVENS; COFFEE BREWING APARATUS; RADIATORS; KITCHEN EXHAUST FANS; PURIFYING APPARATUS FOR THE TREATMENT OF WASTE WATER )) ];