Expandable anterior lumbar interbody fusion device

Patent Number: 9387089

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

An expandable anterior lumbar interbody fusion device comprises a deformable monolithic body having posterior and anterior ends, an upper bone contact structure and a lower bone contact structure. The body is expandable along a height axis between a first smaller height to a second larger height. The body comprises a pair of opposed side structures, each including a translatable center section being movable in a direction transverse to the height axis, a first locator arm adjacent the posterior end, a second locator arm adjacent the anterior end and a pair of formable load-bearing columns supported by the upper bone contact structure, the lower bone contact structure and the center section. The columns are not formed at the first height but are operative upon expansion of the body to the second height to form load-bearing columns along the height axis between the upper and lower bone contact structures.


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Troy D. Drewry - - -
Hugues F. Malandain - - -
Dimitri K. Protopsaltis - - -
Joshua M. Morin - - -


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A 61 F 2 44
A 61 F 2 46
A 61 F 2 30


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