Fire resistant garments containing a high lubricity thermal liner

Patent Number: 9386816

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

Protective garments are disclosed having an inner lining with high lubricity and high strength characteristics. The inner lining, in one embodiment, contains spun yarns combined with para-aramid multifilament yarns. The spun yarns may also contain flame resistant fibers, such as meta-aramid fibers, FR cellulose fibers, or mixtures thereof. The para-aramid filament yarns provide excellent strength characteristics to the fabric. In addition, in some embodiments, the multifilament yarns may enhance the fire resistant properties of the fabric. In one embodiment, the para-aramid filament yarns may have less than five twists per inch, such as from about 1 twist per inch to about four twists per inch.


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