Food container organizer

Patent Number: 9386885

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A compact food container organizer by which variously sized food containers and their variously sized lids are stored and sorted in a neat and orderly manner. The organizer has stacks of pedestals lying side-by-side one another and attached to a flat support base. Each stack has one or more preferably disk-shaped pedestals lying one above the other over the base. The diameters of the successive ones of disk-shaped pedestals vary so that different food containers having different sizes can first be inverted and then positioned over the top of and around the correspondingly sized pedestals. A plurality of lid baskets having different sizes are attached to the support base to accommodate therewithin the variously sized lids that cover the food containers.


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Douglas S. Johnson - - -


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A 47 J 47 16
B 65 D 21 02
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B 65 D 1 36
B 65 D 85 62