Glans retainer

Patent Number: 9387007

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A glans retainer comprises an annular cover for covering a glans during circumcision surgery. The annular cover may comprise a circular or oval cross section, and is sized to generally match the glans. Fixing straps are connected on the periphery of the annular cover for fixing the annular cover to a circumcision apparatus. Each fixing strap comprises an adhesive layer on its bottom. In one embodiment, six fixing straps are used. When the annular cover is placed over the glans and the fixing straps are connected to the circumcision apparatus, the glans is generally restrained from movement relative to the circumcision apparatus by virtue of the tension in the fixing straps as they hold the annular cover to the glans. Therefore, during removal of the necrotic prepuce, pain is reduced and the probability of bleeding is lowered, making the surgical procedure more safe and reliable.


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