Glass-wiping robot having air-venting device

Patent Number: 9386893

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A glass-wiping robot having an air-venting device (5), comprising a machine body (1). The machine body (1) has arranged thereon a suction cup device (2). The suction cup device (2) is connected to a vacuum air pump (4) via an airway pipe (3). The glass-wiping robot is adsorbed on a surface of a glass via the suction cup device (2). The suction cup device (2) is also connected to an air-venting device (5). The air-venting device (5) is provided with opened and closed positions. When the air-venting device (5) is at the opened position, the suction cup device (2) is in communication with the atmosphere via the air-venting device (5). The glass-wiping robot has the air-venting device (5) arranged on the airway pipe (3) between the vacuum air pump (4) and the suction cup device (2), wherein when a handle (51) is pulled up, a positioning rotary shaft (53) rotates to trigger an air-venting valve (52), and the air-venting valve (52) opens an air-venting hole therein to allow the interior of the suction cup to be in communication with the atmosphere, thus an equilibrium between internal and external air pressures is achieved rapidly, the glass-wiping robot can be removed rapidly without having to wait, and the work efficiency is increased.


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