Guide, bearing means for a guide and method and parts for forming bearing means for a guide

Patent Number: 9386852

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A modular ball bearing retaining cage and a slide guide employing such a cage are disclosed. The cage includes a bridge part having opposed end parts spaced by a mid-section and module strips that are connected to the end parts. Each module strip includes one or more guide strip modules. At least some of the guide strip modules include ball bearings disposed in openings provided in respective guide strip modules. The end parts and the guide strip modules have cooperative coupling elements that permit coupling therebetween. The module strips are disposed in guide tracks defined by walls of inner and outer profiles of the slide guide and the ball bearings run within the guide tracks to allow extension of the inner profile with respect to the outer profile. Stop modules may be coupled to the module strips via coupling elements to limit relative travel of the profiles.


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