Health care bed with variable width bed frame and method for use thereof

Patent Number: 9387140

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A method for varying the width of a health care bed includes providing a health care bed having a floor engaging base frame and a bed frame, the bed frame including at least two bed sections hingedly connected to each other and each having a central frame portion and left and right wing sections, the wing sections having at least a retracted position and an extended position relative to the central frame portion, and wherein the central frame portion defines, for each wing section, at least inner and outer registration holes and the wing sections each define at least one wing hole that aligns with one of the at least inner and outer registration holes when the wing sections are in the respective retracted and extended positions, and for each wing section, at least one locking mechanism having at least one rocker bar with opposing inner and outer ends, at least one spring and at least one locking button for releasably locking the wing sections in the retracted and extended positions; unlocking the at least one locking mechanism of one of the wing sections by pushing the outer end of its rocker bar to move the opposing inner end and one of the locking buttons out of engagement with a corresponding and then aligned registration hole and wing hole; and then moving the one wing section to the desired extended or retracted position.


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