Implant and filament management device

Patent Number: 9387065

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A variety of configurations of implant management devices are provided. The configurations provide different combinations of features for maintaining a location of an implant with respect to the device and managing filaments of the implant. One exemplary embodiment of a device includes a generally rectangular-shaped body having an implantable body retainer, an opening disposed a distance apart from the retainer and configured to receive a ligament graft therein, and a fold extending across the body and intersecting the opening. Folding one end of the body towards a bottom surface of the body along the fold can form a filament loop engaging region to hold in tension a filament loop extending from the implant. Additional filament(s) associated with the implant can be managed by various filament retention features. Methods for preparing a ligament graft for implantation by relying upon indicia formed on a surface of the device body are also provided.


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