Intervertebral implant with keel

Patent Number: 9387086

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

An intervertebral implant component of an intervertebral implant includes an outer surface for engaging an adjacent vertebra and an inner surface. A keel extends from the outer surface and is designed to be disposed in a slot provided in the adjacent vertebra. This keel extends in a plane which is non-perpendicular to the outer surface; and preferably there are two of the keels extending from the outer surface which are preferably offset laterally from one another. In another embodiment, an anterior shelf is provided at an anterior end of the outer surface, and this anterior shelf extends vertically away from the inner surface in order to help prevent bone growth from the adjacent vertebra towards the inner surface. Further in accordance with disclosed embodiments, various materials, shapes and forms of construction of the component and/or keel provide various benefits.


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