Intra-oral X-ray imaging device equipped with camera

Patent Number: 9386958

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

Provided is an intraoral X-ray imaging apparatus having a camera, including: a frame; an X-ray irradiator which is installed to be supported by the frame and of which the one end portion is inserted into the oral cavity and which irradiates X-ray through an X-ray irradiation hole formed on the one end portion inserted into the oral cavity; a camera unit which is installed at the one end portion of the X-ray irradiator to image an interior of the oral cavity; a monitor unit which is connected to a camera unit to output the image captured by the camera unit; and an X-ray detector which is arranged to be separated from the X-ray irradiator in the frame so as to detect the X-ray irradiated from the X-ray irradiator outside the oral cavity.


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