Intraocular irrigator-aspirator tip component

Patent Number: 9387121

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

An ophthalmic irrigator-aspirator has a handpiece with aspiration and irrigation openings through its distal end. A tip component connects to the handpiece and has an aspiration cannula. A flexible sleeve has an annular hub for watertight connection to the handpiece or a base portion of the tip. The sleeve has an intermediate portion that forms a channel for an irrigation fluid along the exterior of the cannula to an irrigation port in the sleeve. The distal end portion of the sleeve is sized for a watertight connection over the distal portion of the cannula. Such distal end portion of the sleeve has an aspiration port in communication with the cannula aspiration port. The sleeve proximate, intermediate, and distal portions are integral with each other and are formed of a resilient material that allows the sleeve to be tightly fitted on the handpiece or tip base portion and the cannula.


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