Lanyard and personal emergency transmitter system

Patent Number: 9386829

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A lanyard device (5) comprises a first cord (10) coupled to a first and second coupling means (20, 30) which can be detachably coupled. The first cord is arranged in a loop that can be worn around a user's (200) neck. The first and second coupling means realize a safety release feature that minimize the risk of strangulation by opening the loop when a predetermined force acts on the first cord. The lanyard device further comprises a retention feature that keeps a communication device (110) attached to the lanyard device in the vicinity of the user in case the release feature is activated. The retention feature may be realized by a second cord (40) which is also coupled to the first and second coupling means.


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G 08 B 1 08
A 45 B 5 00
F 16 G 11 10
G 08 B 13 14
G 08 B 13 00
A 62 B 35 00
A 45 F 5 00
A 45 F 3 00


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