Mesh-overlayed ablation and mapping device

Patent Number: 9387031

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A medical system, including a catheter body, an elongate body disposed in the catheter body; an expandable element having a proximal portion coupled to the catheter body and a distal portion coupled to the elongate body, the distal portion of the expandable element defining the distal-most portion of the medical device; a mesh or array of longitudinal splines substantially surrounding the expandable element, at least a portion of the mesh or splines being electrically conductive; and a coolant source in fluid communication with the expandable element.


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Mark T. Stewart - - -
Jordon D. Honeck - - -


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A 61 B 18 02
A 61 B 18 14
A 61 B 18 00


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Medtronic Ablation Frontiers LLC - - - - -