Method and apparatus for measurement of neural response

Patent Number: 9386934

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A method for measuring a neural response to a stimulus. Measurement circuitry is settled prior to a stimulus, by connecting a sense electrode to the measurement circuitry to allow the measurement circuitry to settle towards a bio-electrically defined steady state. Charge is recovered on stimulus electrodes by short circuiting the stimulus electrodes to each other. An electrical stimulus is then applied from the stimulus electrodes to neural tissue, while keeping the sense electrode disconnected from the measurement circuitry. After the stimulus, a delay is imposed during which the stimulus electrodes are open circuited and the sense electrode is disconnected from the measurement circuitry and from the stimulus electrodes. After the delay, a neural response signal present at the sense electrode is measured by connecting the sense electrode to the measurement circuitry.


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