Multi-application skin care system

Patent Number: 9386837

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A skin care device comprising a handle and swappable heads connected via a magnetic drive. Avoidance of a mechanical coupling between the handle and the head enhances safety. The magnetic power is converted to electrical power to operate the LEDs and anything else needing electrical power as well as mechanical forces releasing therapeutic cream upon the consumer's skin. The device may further apply RF to the skin for complementary treatment. Using the magnetic drives allows the transfer of power without using serrated gears and because there are no electrical connectors allows using swappable heads on the same handle in humid or wet conditions. The handle is charged inductively.


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Ziv Geva - - -
Ofer Leizerovich - - -
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A 45 D 40 00
A 45 D 34 04
A 45 D 40 18


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