Multiple compartment walk-in bathtub

Patent Number: 9386887

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A bathtub is provided of the walk-in type, wherein the bathtub includes an at least one internal dam element that allows a user to segment the bathtub into a two or more compartments and operably utilize the bathtub as a sit-down tub or as a standing shower. An entry door provides access into the bathtub without requiring users to lift their legs during entry, while the dam elements allow the user to fill the sectioned compartments of the tub and prepare it for use before entering the bathtub interior. Certain compartments may remain empty as the other compartments fill with water, whereafter the user can enter the empty the empty compartment and remove a dam element after closing the entry door. The bathtub further may also comprise a first and second drain for independently draining the compartments.


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A 47 K 3 022