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Providing information related to sports and sporting events; booking seating for sports events;The mark consists of a representation of the head of a man, facing sideways with both arms stretched upward and legs spread, formed by a stylized number 4 with a circular cutout. A circle is placed within the circular cutout. All uses of white in the drawing represent background and transparent areas and are not part of the mark.;Computer hardware and application software for mobile phones, portable media players, and handheld computers, namely, software for transmitting information related to sports and sporting events by means of a social interactive platform;FOUR;Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.;Advertising and promotion of sports competitions for others; Retail store services provided via the internet and other computer and electronic communication networks featuring computer software and applications; Retail store services featuring computer software and applications for use on handheld mobile digital electronic devices and other consumer electronics; promoting sporting competition for others;