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Marketing, advertising, advertising consultancy and sales promotion; market research and information services; business management; business administration; business management assistance and particularly carrying out tasks necessary for the smooth conduct of sales by auction namely creating, maintenance and analysis of a register of goods and services to be sold by public auction; auctioneering services, in particular on the internet, including both artificial auctions based on the expiry of time, and real auctions where the highest bid is accepted, and specialist consultancy in this field; arranging and buying and selling contracts for third parties namely arranging and concluding of contracts for the buying and sale of goods, arranging and concluding commercial agreements, for others, in particular via the Internet; arranging of trading transactions and commercial contracts; providing a web site where users can post ratings, reviews and recommendations on products and services for commercial purposes; commercial evaluation and rating of goods for others prior to purchase namely providing evaluative feedback and ratings relating to goods and services from sellers, buyers, the value and price of sellers' goods, buyers' and sellers' performance, delivery, and overall experience in connection therewith, and a related searchable database; advertising, in particular initiation and organisation of business contacts; business networking, namely initiation and arrangement of business contacts and continuous maintenance thereof by means of electronic platforms; advertising and information distribution services, namely, providing classified advertising space via the global computer network; promoting the goods and services of others over the Internet; providing an on-line searchable database featuring classified ad listings and employment opportunities namely providing advertising and commercial information featuring classified listings and want ads from on-line computer databases and on-line searchable databases; business management and organization consultancy services;Internet-based social introduction, networking and dating services; online social networking services; intellectual property watching services; copyright management; licensing of industrial property rights; mediation; legal research; internet-based social networking services, namely, initiation and organisation of private contacts;Design and development of computer hardware and software, creating databases, namely computer programming, updating of computer software and design of computer software, and installation, maintenance and consultancy relating thereto; computer software rental; application service provider (ASP) featuring software to enable or facilitate the uploading, downloading, streaming, posting, displaying, blogging, linking, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information over communication networks; design, development, consultancy, leasing and maintenance of information technology solutions in the fields of business and private networks, and the establishing and organising of business and private contacts namely planning, design and management of information technology systems; implementation of presentations, websites and similar illustrative material for information purposes, sales purposes and for the communication with customers and interested parties and in particular for publication on the Internet, on other data networks, in online services and by means of multimedia technologies, namely homepage and webpage design; provision of search engines for the Internet; draftsman's services namely drafting; data conversion of computer programs and data, not physical conversion; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; hosting of web sites; authenticating works of art; consultancy and support with regard to the use, application and care, maintenance of programs being or programming solutions for information technology purposes being namely computer software consulting; providing online markets for buyers and sellers of goods and services, namely providing electronic platforms via which sellers can sell their goods directly namely providing a web hosting platform for online markets for buyers and sellers of goods and services, namely, providing electronic platforms via which sellers can sell their goods directly; electronic storage of messages, information, texts and images of all kinds;