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The mark consists of the number 4 in light blue centered above the word MONITOR in white lettering located at the bottom, center of a blue square above which are three enumerated, rectangles with white boarders which are centered within the square and stacked vertically with the bottom box being light blue and containing the number 3 in light blue centered above the word INVEST in white lettering, the middle box being green and containing the number 2 in green centered above the word BUDGET in white lettering and the top box being navy and containing the number 1 in light blue centered above the word BENCHMARCK in white lettering.;ONE BENCHMARK TWO BUDGET THREE INVEST FOUR MONITOR;Financial portfolio management and administration; financial portfolio management of investments in the fields of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, pooled investment funds, and exchange traded funds; financial asset management; financial asset evaluation; financial risk management; investment management services; investment advisory services; funds investment; financial investment services, namely, evaluation, analysis, and comparison of investment funds for others; financial asset allocation and portfolio construction; monitoring financial markets for investment purposes; providing financial and investment information regarding managing investments, asset allocation strategies, and financial market performance; providing financial information in the field of investment opportunities; financial and investment information provided by electronic means; financial services in the nature of management of financial and investment instruments; financial planning and financial research; financial due diligence;The color(s) light blue, dark blue, navy, green, and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.;Providing indices of financial and investment instruments;1 AND 2 BUDGET 3 INVEST 4 MONITOR;