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Financial investment services;




The mark consists of the letters CRV in white in an orange circle.;Advice relating to investments; Advising others concerning investments in intellectual property assets and intangible business assets, both directly and indirectly through other entities; Assuming financial risk of others by entering into options and swaps; Business brokerage services and related consulting pertaining to business sales, mergers, acquisitions and business valuations; Business equity research; Business finance procurement services; Capital investment consulting; Capital investment services; Consultancy of capital investment; Corporate finance services, namely, consultation in the field of capital structure; Equipment financing services; Equity capital investment; Evaluation of the credit worthiness of companies and private individuals; Facilitating and arranging for the financing of start up companies; Financial and investment services, namely, asset and investment acquisition, consultation, advisory and development; Financial consulting and advising in the field of mergers and acquisitions; Financial due diligence; Financial guarantee and surety; Financial services in the nature of an investment security; Financial services, namely, assisting others with the completion of financial transactions for stocks, bonds, securities and equities; Financial services, namely, investment advice, investment management, investment consultation and investment of funds for others, including private and public equity and debt investment services; Financial services, namely, raising debt and equity capital for others; Financial valuations; Financially-guaranteed financing; Financing and loan services; Financing of industrial activities; Fiscal assessment and evaluation; Fiscal valuations and assessments; Incubation services, namely, providing financing to freelancers, start-ups, existing businesses and non-profits; Incubation services, namely, rental of office space to freelancers, start-ups, existing businesses and non-profits; Investment services, namely, asset acquisition, consultation, development and management services; Management of private equity funds; Project financing; Providing personal loans and lines of credit; Providing venture capital, development capital, private equity and investment funding; Providing working capital; Providing working capital financing to small businesses and small business owners; Public equity investment management; Venture capital advisory services; Venture capital financing; Venture capital fund management; Venture capital funding services to emerging and start-up companies; Venture capital services, namely, providing financing to emerging and start-up companies;CHARLES RIVER VENTURES;The color(s) orange and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.;