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Owner Address:Suite I 970 Garcia Avenue Pittsburg CA 94565
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The mark consists of a poker chip in the shape of a lower case b. The outer portion of the poker chip is black and outlined in red and has three white vertical parallel bars at the top and bottom and three parallel white horizontal bars on the left and right sides. Single red diagonal bars appear between the vertical and horizontal parallel bars. The center of the chip design is white and has a reverse arrangement of the bars with single horizontal bars at the top and bottom and single parallel vertical bars on the left and right sides. Three parallel diagonal bars appear in the spaces between the single horizontal and vertical bars. All of the bars in the center portion of the chip are gray. The poker chip is followed by BBO (in white bolded letters) and POKER (in red) TABLES (in white) directly under BBO.;Game tables; Gaming equipment, namely, playing cards, chips, gaming tables and gaming cloths; Gaming tables;The color(s) black, red, white and gray is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.;POKER TABLES;