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The mark consists of a motion mark depicting a gray and white rectangle representing a stylized one dollar bill with the central image of a man resembling George Washington in gray and white inside a gray and white oval and the number 1 in white inside a gray inner circle and a white outer circle on each of the corners. The rectangle has a border with leaf designs in white with gray borders on each end and leaf designs in white with gray borders next to the bottom of the oval on each side and leaf designs in white with gray borders next to each of the upper corner circles. Appearing on the lower right hand side of the rectangle is the wording HYPOTHETICAL PRESENTATION in white. The mark includes motion consisting of a line that moves from left to right with the gray and white changing, respectively, to light orange and dark orange as the line moves to the right until the entire mark is light orange and dark orange.;ONE;Financial and insurance services, namely, insurance underwriting, brokerage and administration in the field of life, health, disability, annuities, and employee benefits insurance; insurance underwriting, brokerage and administration in the field of stop loss insurance; mutual fund and investment brokerage; financial risk management; financial administration of retirement, employee benefits concerning insurance and finance, and annuity plans and programs; retirement funds investment services; providing financial information in the field of retirement planning; investment services, in the nature of asset management services, cash management, financial management, and financial portfolio management; investment management services; securities brokerage services; mutual fund investment services; financial planning services; reinsurance underwriting services;The color(s) gray, white, light orange and dark orange is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.;Providing temporary use of non-downloadable software that allows users to organize, integrate and manage on one comprehensive digital platform their personal finances for purposes of personal financial, retirement, investment, and insurance planning;