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The mark consists of a stylized M in blue.;MEDIA;The color(s) blue is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.;Media research and consultation for business purposes; brand creation services; brand positioning services; brand consultancy services; brand evaluation services; planning, buying and negotiating advertising and media space and time; advertising, promotional and marketing services; business and business management services; advisory and consultation services in the field of advertising and business and providing advertising for others online over a global computer information network; publicity services, provided by means of wireless devices, websites, print and broadcast media; production of advertising matter and commercials; public relations services; market research and market analysis; research and information services relating to business, advertising and marketing; statistical analysis and compilation for business purposes; opinion polling services; business administration; provision of information relating to the aforesaid; provision of the aforesaid services on-line from a computer database or a global computer network; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on a global computer network; and providing media services in the field of one-to-one advertising and marketing, namely, the planning and purchase of media time and space for direct marketing advertising; digital and online advertising; the placement of advertising in the media; organization of promotional campaigns and related consultancy services; data processing; analysis and study of information collected on consumer opinions and behavior through market research and advertising studies; concept and brand development for others; business consultation, namely, managing of marketing and advertising assets; providing online information in the field of advertising and marketing; design services, namely, design of marketing and advertising materials online, digital, print and broadcast media; technical project studies, namely, research in the field of advertising and marketing;Computer services, namely, computer consultation, design, development and hosting of websites; product design and development; editing services for computer programs, namely, software development and updating of computer software; graphic design services for corporate identity, image and logo design; commercial art studio services, namely, commercial art design; industrial design services; design of packaging; special event styling services; industrial design; graphic arts designing; technical project studies, namely, research in the field of computer software; research and development of new products for others, namely, product development; development of computer systems in the field of graphic arts; design, creation and development of market research tools in the nature of computer software; creation of digital virtual and interactive image carriers; software design and development, computer programming, computer programming services, hosting of computer websites; information, research and consultancy services relating to the aforesaid; providing online information in the field computer software, relating to the Internet; provision of information relating to the aforesaid; design and development of computer software; updating and maintenance of computer software; installation of computer software and computer programs; design and development of systems for the storage of data; computer programming; rental of computer software; hosting websites on the internet; services of an application service provider, namely, installation, electronic storage, rental, and maintenance of application software that allows users to play and program music and entertainment-related audio, video, text and other multimedia content; electronic computerized data storage services;