Percutaneous mitral valve replacement and sealing

Patent Number: 9387078

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

Apparatus is provided for use with a prosthetic valve for implantation at a native valve of a subject, the native valve including at least one native leaflet, the apparatus including (1) a prosthetic valve support, including (a) an upstream support portion, being configured to be placed against an upstream side of the native valve, and having an inner perimeter that defines an opening that is configured to receive the prosthetic valve, and (b) at least one clip (i) comprising at least two clip arms and a clip-controller interface, the clip-controller interface being coupled to at least one of the clip arms, and (ii) being configured to be coupled to a native leaflet of the native valve; and (2) at least one clip controller, reversibly couplable to the clip-controller interface, and configured to facilitate opening and closing of the clip. Other embodiments are also described.


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