Pet accessory bag coupleable with leash in multiple different configurations

Patent Number: 9386841

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

Embodiments described herein include a pet accessory bag coupleable with a leash in multiple different configurations and a system including the pet accessory bag and leash. In one configuration, the pet accessory bag is coupled to a handle portion of the leash for walking a pet. In another configuration. The leash forms a strap enabling the pet accessory bag to be worn as a cross-body bag.


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Christine Pearsall Labadini - - -
Mary Deck Rutledge - - -


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A 01 K 27 00
A 45 F 5 00
A 45 F 4 02
A 45 C 9 00
A 45 C 11 00
A 45 F 3 02