Plant trimming apparatus and methods of using the same

Patent Number: 9386744

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A plant trimming apparatus comprising a container having top and bottom end regions and a grate supported therein. A cutting blade and a fan blade are rotatably supported within the container. The fan blade is operative to create an air flow from the top end region to the bottom end region+vortex. The apparatus comprises a blade motor including a shaft, wherein the cutting blade and the fan blade are supported on the shaft. The cutting blade includes a plurality of forward or rear leaning blades that cooperate with the grate openings to cut parts off the plant. The blade has an outer ring extending between each of the plurality of blades. A lid assembly is attached to an upper rim portion of the container and supports an agitator motor that is connected to an agitator arm that is disposed within the container above the grate.


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