Pull-type disk mowing machine transport system

Patent Number: 9386742

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A pull-type rotary mower comprises a frame with a transverse main beam mounted on transversely spaced field ground wheels for movement with a central hitch arm extending to a tractor and a transport assembly attached to the main beam the frame for moving downwardly to a transport position so that in the transport position the hitch arm extends from one end of the frame generally in the transverse direction for towing the machine in the transverse direction. The transport includes front and rear transport ground wheel which act to support the machine on the wheels. A shield assembly, which in the field position extends rearwardly behind the frame to engage the crop emerging from a conditioner within a center discharge opening, includes at least a portion which is moved to a retracted position at the frame to allow the rear transport wheel to move to the transport position.


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Andreas Afting - - -
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