Sanitary product for a human vagina

Patent Number: 9387133

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A sanitary product for use by women for the absorption of menstrual fluid has a plug and a pad joined by a sheath. The plug is substantially cylindrical so that it fits comfortably in a vaginal cavity. The pad remains outside the vaginal cavity, but has an absorbent layer on an inward side proximal to the plug and a liquid impermeable layer on an outward side. The sheath includes a tube of absorbent material for drawing excess menstrual fluid from the plug to the pad and has a layer of liquid impermeable material on its inside surface. It extends from an outward end of the plug, proximal to the pad, both to and through the pad. In use, a wearer can insert a finger into the sheath from the outward side of the pad to assist with insertion of the plug into the vaginal cavity.


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Yu Sing Hooi - - -


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