Shell with arm ports

Patent Number: 9386814

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

An elongate shell having a longitudinal axis an inner volume sized and shaped to receive a user therein. The elongate shell has a front portion adapted to cover the front of a user during use and a back portion adapted to cover the back of the user during use. The elongate shell has a pair of arm ports. Each of the arm ports is selectively moveable from a closed port position to an opened port position for allowing the user external access from within the shell. Each of the ports comprising includes an inner panel and an outer panel. The inner panel is positioned in overlapping face-to-face engagement with the outer panel in the closed port position. The outer panel is spaced from the inner panel in the opened port position to define a passage for allowing the user to extend their arm through the respective port. The elongate shell further includes a bottom portion and an opening in the bottom portion to allow a user's feet to extend through the opening to the exterior of the inner volume.


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