Skin lesion protector

Patent Number: 9387127

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A device for the protection of skin lesions of various kinds, in particular lesions following biopsy interventions, comprising: a first sheet having a central opening; a spacing element on the first sheet, made of a non-rigid material soaked with substances having bacteriostatic, bactericidal, germicidal or fungicidal activity, and having a central opening of smaller size than the central opening in the first sheet, and the center of which is essentially coincident with the center of the opening in the first sheet, so that part of the spacing element comes into contact with the skin in an area surrounding the lesion; and a second sheet, made with a material having micro-porosity preferably lower than 0.5 μm, placed over the spacing element so as to close the top of the central opening in said spacing element and to form, when the device is in contact with the skin, a closed chamber.


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