System and method for determining dosimetry in ophthalmic photomedicine

Patent Number: 9387123

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A system and method for treating ophthalmic target tissue, including a light source for generating a beam of light, a beam delivery system that includes a scanner for generating patterns, and a controller for controlling the light source and delivery system to create a dosimetry pattern of the light beam on the ophthalmic target tissue. One or more dosage parameters of the light beam vary within the dosimetry pattern, to create varying exposures on the target tissue. A visualization device observes lesions formed on the ophthalmic target tissue by the dosimetry pattern. The controller selects dosage parameters for the treatment beam based upon the lesions resulting from the dosimetry pattern, either automatically or in response to user input, so that a desired clinical effect is achieved by selecting the character of the lesions as determined by the dosimetry pattern lesions.


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