System and method for processing meat

Patent Number: 9386778

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A system and method is shown for processing animals, such as calves, from birth to slaughter by utilizing hot-fed rations during the feeding process. The system and method reduces or eliminates the need to use hormones and simultaneously reduces or eliminates the need to sterilize the meat products. Each calf or animal is weaned at a weaning station, fed at a feeding station, slaughtered at a slaughter station to provide a carcass that is substantially the same size as other carcasses for the same breed of animal processed in the system. The consistent carcass size enables manufacture of consistent carcasses which, in turn, facilitates providing substantially the same size meat cuts. This feature enables use of a standard-size packaging, such as a case-ready package, which may be shipped for display and purchase at a store.


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