Transcatheter valve prosthesis

Patent Number: 9387075

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A method for implanting a heart valve includes advancing an elongate outer member from a first delivery catheter to form a loop around native valve leaflets and/or chords of a native valve without substantially occluding the native valve. The method further includes partially deploying from a second delivery catheter a radially self-expandable tubular body having a valve disposed within a lumen of the tubular body, and a preformed groove disposed at an outer surface of the tubular body. The preformed groove extends at least partially around the tubular body, and has a circumferential opening facing radially outward of the tubular body. When the tubular body is partially deployed, the native valve is substantially occluded. Additionally, the method includes moving the loop into the preformed groove after partially deploying the tubular body. The native valve is no longer substantially occluded after fully deploying the tubular body from the second delivery catheter.


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