Video endoscopic device with detachable control circuit

Patent Number: 9386914

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

An endoscopic device including a control circuit that is detachably connectable to a handle, where the control circuit functions and is compatible with a wide variety of displays. The handle of the endoscopic device is provided with a connector to transmit image data from a distal end to the detachable control circuit. The control circuit may be provided with a keyed outer surface to guide and maintain the control circuit in an engaged position relative to the handle and connector.


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James Barry - - -
Dashiell A. Birnkrant - - -


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A 61 B 1 06
A 61 B 1 267
A 61 B 1 00
A 61 B 1 005
G 02 B 23 24


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Karl Storz Endovision, Inc. - - - - -