Zipper with shine and improved bonding force between tooth and tape

Patent Number: 9386826

Patent Date: 2016-07-12

Patent type: utility

A zipper of the disclosure includes a pair of opposite tapes. A plurality of teeth are positioned at a bonding area of each tape. Each of the plurality of teeth 100 defines a positioning groove, and includes a post located in the positioning groove. A portion of the bonding area of the tape corresponding to each tooth defines at least one positioning hole. The post of each tooth passes through a corresponding positioning hole to fix the tooth on the tape firmly.


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Hao Lu - - -


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A 44 B 19 40
A 44 B 19 08
A 44 B 19 34
A 44 B 19 06


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Shen Zhen Hua Sheng Da Zipper Co., Ltd. - - CN - -